A Must Have for Audiobook Addicts.

Hands down the best app ever. While I’m working or driving I don’t always want to listen to music. Audible makes multitasking easy with this user friendly application. I actually have an iPhone and am a slave to iTunes, but the Audible app has broken those bindings with the quick link that redirects me to the audible site where I search for books, can spend my credits in the web browser, then download the audio files directly to my device and start listening. I can bypass my computer, itunes, and having to upload everything to my phone. This is a phenomenal feature to have outside the itunes store. Even better this app isn’t limited to my audible library. I can access and listen to any audiobook in my ipod through the app. No need to flip from one to the other I can do it all in audible. Recently the iphone app has been updated to comply to Apple’s new rules which don’t allow the app to link you directly to audible. I just clicked the link and when the mobile store to audible loaded I bookmarked the page in safari.

Fantastic Features:

-Simple and efficient user friendly interface
-Link to shop
-Direct download (via wifi)
-News section to keep you informed
-Interesting stats section to keep track of your listening habits
-Fun badges you can earn
-Button-Free control options
-Sleep mode with multiple time options, the end of a chapter or book part
-Five different narration speeds
-Social media and email share options
-Product detail page
-Chapter Selection
-Access and listen to ipod audiobook library without leaving the audible app

Vote yay or nay for this review on Amazon here.

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