Great for Dry Hair

I first saw this product in a drug store. I wanted to try it, but for $25 a piece the price was steep and the bottle small. I guess they took my regular shampoo off the market so I went ahead and splurged on this product line to give it a try. The shampoo is kind of thin but works well. The conditioner is thick and penetrates well. I like the smell, it’s a fragrant light flower, and olive sent. It’s not really strong and overpowering, and I like that it doesn’t have a heavy perfume smell. I love this line of products. With long hair I find my scalp can get dry and itchy, and with very long hair my ends tend to dry out also, but CHI Organics Olive Nutrient line of products helps maintain moisture in my hair from my scalp to tips. I was using the Pantene for women of color, which wasn’t really made for me though I liked how it moisturized my hair, but not how waxy it made my scalp feel. Chi gives my scalp needed oil and soothes any irritation without added waxes, it just feels natural. Another plus is that I have also noticed I don’t shed as much hair when I brush it out, less hair loss is always good. The CHI Organics line leaves my hair lightly oil coated (which I need) but not weighted down or oily stringy looking. The moisture also makes my hair sleeker, I have straight hair and find it can get dry, frizzy, and staticy , which will then tangle. These products stop that and make my hair shiny and smooth.

On the downside I wish the bottles were bigger. I normally use 2 bottles of conditioner to every bottle of shampoo. I also don’t think shampoo and conditioner should sold in any size smaller than 16oz, and I find that their shape can be hard to manage. The slick plastic is in the form of a slightly larger bar soap shape, which in the shower doesn’t suit a person’s grip well. With the thin shampoo this isn’t really a problem but with the thicker conditioner I was at times having a hard time squeezing the bottle. Part of the problem might be that the plastic is a bit harder than most other products, but a round bottle would have been better. The availability of the line is also a pain, they stopped stocking it at the drug store, it is only suppose to be sold in salons which are not convenient, but Amazon has a great selection and much better prices.

This is a high end salon line, and the quality shows. I have tried and loved the shampoo, conditioner, paste, and the silk oil products in this line.

Vote yay or nay for this review on Amazon here.

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