Little Bitz for Your Little Ones

I picked up these when the local pet store stopped carrying the thin bone shaped Little Bitz chicken and rawhide chews. The Beefeaters Little Bitz Small Round Chips are circular wafers of rawhide backing with a hard dried meaty topping. I was reluctant about getting these because they are about 1/4 of an inch thick though they don’t seem to be more than an inch in diameter, and well I wasn’t sure if it would be too big for my teacup’s bite. My picky pooch seems to do ok with them though sometimes the cracking sounds she makes scares her but she cant get enough of these. I prefer the similar product by Beefeaters that are thinner less chunky. These are great for smaller breeds. But be warned they give my dog terrible gas. Only recommend these if you really love your fur babies and won’t mind the smell.

Vote yay or nay for this review on Amazon here.

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