Tiny Treats for Teacups

These are wonderful treats for your finicky four legged fur babies. I saw these at a local pet store and thought I would give them a try because it is so rare to find doggie snacks that are as thin and small as these. Beefeaters Little Bitz are about an inch wide and wafer thin. Great for small muzzles and tiny teeth. The double sided treat is a natural looking dried chicken top and rawhide backing. My dog has no trouble eating these without any help, no straining to try and fit in her mouth. I was disappointed when the local pet store stopped carrying them like so many other treats I’ve found that are perfect for my little loved one. I highly recommend these for teacups, puppies, and smaller breeds. They could be a choking risk for medium, or large dogs. If you find that most treats are still to big for your dog than these will most likely be perfect fit for you. Best of all my picky pooch can’t get enough of these.

Vote yay or nay for this review on Amazon here.

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