A Great Short Story, but Not Enough for a Novel.

River Marked (Mercy Thompson, Book 6) by Patricia Briggs Audible Audio Edition read by Lorelei King

If you want to know what married life is like for Mercy and Adam, River Marked definitely has you covered. Patricia Briggs’ latest effort kicks off with a shot gun wedding. We follow Adam and Mercy for a majority of their honeymoon, which was for the most part was uneventful. When the story does pick up, Mercy will take on a journey to discover her heritage and meet her father along the way. A reconnection to her past and ancestry will help her to battle an ancient evil.

While we get some great insights into the evolving relationship between Adam and Mercy, and I love seeing them work through their emerging problems, and how the alpha persona and wolf pack complicates things. Their relationship takes on a new richness, but the overall book seems disjointed. One part is this great in depth look at our love birds then there is the actual story. I felt like the story was tacked on, and not really developed fully. The book was a typical 336 pages but the real story line didn’t seem to start until halfway into the book. The beginning started with Stefan and his human stable, and you would think that the storyline is going to follow along those lines then that resolves rather easily and we move on to family issues, nuptials, and the honeymoon. Sometime after we settle into marital bliss and after a few bread crumbs here there that hint at the bigger picture to develop, we actual get into plot. But it seemed very short. I think if Briggs had integrated the plot earlier in the story it would’ve blended into the usual standard we have come to have expected. Even the little bits introduced during the start of the honeymoon were too little and too far between. Though I loved the stuff with Jess and Mercy’s family, and wedding I think the overall story should have been threaded within or in between the stuff with Stefan, and her wedding.

Overall River Marked has some great background on our favorite were-coyote couple. The actual story is good, just a little to short seeming, better integration from the start of the book would have the whole thing gel better and read like one book instead of two stories. The background on Mercy’s father was great too. This is a must read for Mercy fans.

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3 stars -liked it.

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