Anything but What the Title Suggests

The Frenzy by Francesca Lia Block

The cover is beautiful, it has movement, and interest, all the things the story lacks in abundance.

A quick summary. Liv is a 17 year old werewolf. Who’s in denial. She’s weird and awkward, but Liv finds a place to belong with Pace her best friend and Corey her boyfriend. Liv lives a lie hiding who and what she is from everyone even herself. Her mom is the perfect former beauty queen huntress, to Liv’s abnormal freakish physical qualities and vegetarian tendencies. Liv doesn’t want to face what she is, or trust her boyfriend to still love her if he knew she was different. But a mysterious family of werewolves has been keeping an eye on her for years. With their appearance she will have to confront her fears.

With the substance in this book I find it hard to even write this review. I don’t know where to begin. Ugh, I finished this story thinking, Can I get my Money Back? It seems like Block wanted to take these commonly used ideas and story lines and do something different. But it came off under planned and patchy and just failed. I suppose I have to mention that this book is really short, maybe too short. The story could have used more development, there’s barely any backstory to a lot of the threads. The conclusions felt limp. They did make sense, but I don’t feel Block elaborated enough on anything, especially Pace’s romance, or end. The story line about the werewolf family and Victor was like an after thought, hardly worth mentioning, but could have become a great love triangle. I also found the romance in this book weak. We enter the story when everything great about a romance has already happened, not that it mattered the way they came together was pretty anti climatic anyway. Liv had already made up her mind, she had known and been with Corey for years, so there was no wooing, no falling in love or challenge from another beau. It was really a little bit of angst, apprehension, then a lot of sex. The whole book seemed more like an outline or summary for a book in the process of being written. I found the Frenzy anything but what the title suggests. It was flat and depressing.

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1 star -loathed.

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