Fun Quick Read

Hush Money (Talent Chronicles) by Susan Bischoff

Set in a world where people with special abilities are detained by the government never to be seen and heard from again, the Talent Chronicles has a lot of promise. Hush Money starts off following the duel perspectives of our young would be couple. Loner, Joss who was trained and conditioned to blend in, keep her head down, and look the other way, has been getting by isolating herself and only trusting her family. Semi delinquent, Dylan finds himself in one bad situation after another, and it’s escalating, courtesy of his best friend Marco, but all he wants is out, and Joss. It seems like everyone has a secret (or talent) to hide in a place where one slip, or mistrust in the wrong person can get you sent away, but Joss, Dylan, and others are going to need to come together before the end, if they are to have any chance in the future. Full of talented teenagers reminiscent of X-Men, they are only just beginning to see the value of banding together against the NIAC (National Institute of Ability Control).

Hush money was a fun quick read. But I don’t think the full potential of this idea has been met. I wanted more. Only the basic most simple storyline was resolved in this first book and I hope the author really takes the time to fully develop the more complex threads she has established in this book. I believe the Talent Chronicles could become a great mix of YA romance, and a comic book Bourne Identity, with our superhero teenagers trying to solve the NIAC’s mysteries while fighting not to be taken, and experimented on. Only the next installments will tell how far Bischoff can push it to the next level.

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3 stars -liked it.


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