Good Light Reading

Dead is Not an Option by Marlene Perez

Tensions are high in the small community of Nightshade. Rifts in the vampire and were factions of the paranormal residents are deepening. It’s the type of situation that local sleuther Daisy Giordano can’t help but end up in the middle of. Our leading lady is also diligently trying to find a counter spell to release her prophetic jukebox friend Lilly and her pot belly pig beau Bam from their unnatural states. Top that off with her senior year duties, and Daisy is in for a busy year. Unfortunately for her and the rest of Nightshade the Scourge is back in town and planning a blowout of their own.

The Dead Is Series are great for some light YA reading. They are fun family friendly books about a girl and her bonds with strong family ties. It doesn’t surprise me that Dasiy’s main passion is cooking, since it’s an activity that brings families together. Daisy is like a paranormal Nancy Drew. Though I thought this was a fun quick read, at times it was a bit remedial. Some of the very apparent clues just didn’t come together fast enough for someone as bright as Daisy. It wasn’t like the mystery was that complex. I did like all the tidy resolutions to all the overall threads.

Not sure if this is the last book or not, I think Perez left an opening for future mysteries. But fans of the series will find a nice resolution with Dead is Not an Option.

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4 stars -loved it!

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