Great Concept Falls Flat

Eona by Alison Goodman Audible Audio Edition read by Nancy Wu

Eona the sequel and conclusion to Eon was a great idea that in the end underwhelmed. In Eon we met Eona the last Mirror Dragoneye, a crippled girl posing as boy. On the run after the fall of the emperor by he’s brothers coup along with Lord Ido, she must find a way to restore the rightful monarchy and save the dragons.

Eona is like a reflection of the first book as she is wanted as a boy so she is hiding as a girl. Unfortunately regardless of gender Eona keeps getting in her own way. In Eon she was frustratingly slow or maybe it was just how apparent the storyline was, but she displays cleverness at the speed of molasses. It seems Eona learned nothing from the first book since her fears and lack of communication was the root of most of her problems. I was really disappointed at the lack fighting in these books it seemed like a good setting for a strong female warrior, but wasn’t. I found all the supporting characters way more interesting and likable than the lead.

I love the idea of this series. The set up was great. The world, asian lore, and influences are refreshing in the stacks of vampires, witches, and shifters. But with all the time and effort put into creating the Eona world, the heroine got left behind. The storyline was interesting but really what good is the plot or an intricately written world if your main character is annoying and ruining everything. What a waste.

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1 star -loathed it.

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