Slow but Steady

Siren Song (Blood Singer Novels) by Cat Adams

Something’s just not right in Celia Graves life. Assassination plots, harassing cops, a drunk mother, and it’s only Monday. With one crisis after another Celia hardly has time to notice a pattern let alone breathe. In this second installment the action begins from the first page when Celia is abducted. Narrowly escaping the ordeal just leads to more reasons why the humans want Graves dead, and it’s not helping her legal issues. In the meantime Celia is learning to balance her inner vampire without losing her humanity. Her latent siren abilities, are causing more problems than they’re worth, after all having fangs is bad enough without the glowing.

Everything’s coming to a head and the dynamic duo Cat Adams proves the devils in the details. Pay attention because the most minuet bits of information come into play in Siren Song. The fact that most women can’t stand Celia, her mother’s self destructive ways, her sister and Vicky’s unfortunate demises, even Graves’ string of near death experiences are all connected. And in this wonderfully woven story all those answers will be revealed. But the end of this journey isn’t free, Celia will pay a hefty price. She will be betrayed, and those betrayals will test and collapse her inner circle.

Siren Song has a really relaxed pace after that initial first scene. But stick with it there is more action to come and quite a few heartbreaks and double crosses. Nothings what it seems especially in the land of sirens. At first the siren issue was a bit of over kill for me, but it really is an integral part of the story and Celia’s character. Also this series is more story and action driven, less romantic, but with the introduction of Creede as a love interest there is a strong possibility of a future love triangle. Even though a lot of questions were answered in this book there are new concerns raised by the end, leaving a lot to look forward to in the future.

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4 stars -loved it!

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