Solid Second

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

In Julie Kagawa’s second installment of her Iron series, The Iron Daughter, we pick up where The Iron King left off. Post defeat of the iron fey’s king, and rightfully restoring her real brother home while banishing the changeling, Megan must now fulfill the oath she made with the Unseelie Prince Ash and journey to the winter court. But so much has changed since that fateful deal with the devil, like an undeniable love. Still upon arrival to the kingdom Ash has become uninterested in Megan. As she faces increasing loneliness and isolation, Megan is treated to the harsh realities of fey politics, Ash’s disfunctional family, as well as his past. She is going to have to develop an will to battle the struggles ahead of her. Add in her increasingly strained relationships with all the men in her life, plus the apparent loss of her summer and iron powers. The girl can’t seem to catch a break.

Kagawa’s bridge between books is noticeably slower in pace, but this book is more about the politics of the fey and relationships of the characters. Where Iron King is a blaze of action, Iron Daughter is a slow burn of emotion. But don’t let the moderate pace put you off, Kagawa still delivers, with a few twists up her sleeve. Families will be torn apart. Betrayals made. Loyalties redrawn. Choices with no return. With a Romeo+Juliet love story that will have you hoping for triumph instead of tragedy. And a need for the next book now.

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4 stars -loved it!

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