Strong Debut

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The Iron king was a surprising tale of self discovery, fantasy, and forbidden love. The story is set in present day rural america. Megan Chase is your typical unpopular practically invisible teenager. Except Megan’s a child of two worlds, half fey princess, half mortal. Along with her best friend (and fey guardian) Robbie she must discover her hidden heritage, and her unique abilities, to save her brother, and possibly the fey world. But their are more complications during her journey like the growing power of a new and different kind of fey presence. Throw in a gorgeous prince from an opposing court, who can’t decided whether or not he wants to kiss her or kill her and you have got story lines galore of drama.

Kagawa expertly weaves faerie lore, mythology, and Shakespearian classics into a tapestry of non stop action adventure and romance. This is truely a well written and fleshed out book. There was no weak, wishy washy story lines. The characters were well written and developed. There was a clear resolution in the end of the book and a definite lead to the next. The Iron King is a wonderful debut with a bit of everything, yet somehow not enough. I must warn you, read this book, and you will want the next. This is a great all around book, the perfect start to a series, that will leave both satisfied, yet longing for more.

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5 stars -loved it!

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