A Lull in the Series. Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Movement.

Demon Song (Blood Singer Novels) by Cat Adams

Dynamic Duo Cat Adams returns with the third installment of their Blood Singer Series, Demon Song. While I think this series is a real quiet dark horse of the paranormal set, things seem to be getting a bit overly complicated in Celia Graves’ world. The story opens with a seemingly normal day of shopping. But quickly Celia is recruited to help save Kevin from an unlawful imprisonment at the Zoo, the paranormal prison. Kevin is captured after staging a breakout for his girlfriend, whose own investigation into the Zoo has stumble onto something much more dangerous than any were is capable of handling. The Zoo has become a nest for demonic activity. And the demon in charge has a score to settle with Celia.

While the overall storyline is interesting, and the developing romance between Creede and Graves had it’s moments, everything else seemed to be too much. I feel like this series has too many ideas and not enough movement. In this book alone we dealt with the overall plot, found out why all that money was left to the family from the south, started a new thread about Celia’s mom and her imprisonment, explored the mental health issues of Dawna and Emma…. Well there’s a lot going on on top of the main plot points. It was nice to see Graves get to know Creede a bit better, but seriously I wish Adams would pick up the pace. The love triangle with Bruno is completely stalled. After a whole book I feel like we got nowhere in Celia’s love life. We are exactly were we left off at the end of Siren Song, on the cusp of a possibly very interesting triangle.

Unfortunately with all the different threads, Celia’s part vampire, part siren, and ever evolving powers, it just seems like there are too many ideas here and no editing. Everything plus the kitchen sink gets confusing, and all the great ideas, plots, and subplots are beginning to get muddled. Plus even though multiple story lines are getting resolved the shear abundance of happenings within these books is keeping the larger points of interest stagnant, like the romantic interest, or character development, and I’m still not sure what the overall series arc is. At this point three books in, we should have some clue.

So in summary Demon Songs’ story arc is quite good. As for the romance, lets just say Demon Song is one step above being YA, though most YA relationships will probably be married with children by the time Celia’s love life finally takes off. I find it sad to say that some teenage characters have steamier relationships than Celia. Sad but true. Too many threads and overcomplicated ideas, can at times make this book confusing and muddled. It seems the heat created in Blood Song is progressively cooling off with each edition of this series. Demon Song was a lull in the series, and I hope that it’s follow up brings back some of the fire.

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3 stars -liked it.

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