A Satisfying Third Course

Blessed by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Cynthia Leitich Smith returns to her Dark Universe Series with Blessed the third and possibly last installment. Blessed brings us full circle and we are reunited with the original heroine and characters from Tantalize. Fans of Alex Flinn and her modern retellings of classic fairy tales like Beastly will enjoy Smith’s contemporary take of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Quincie, Our favorite teenage vampire restaurateur is learning to balance her new secret undead lifestyle with her old pre-death life. We pick up right after the end of Tantalize, Kieren is off to live with the pack, her uncle, guardian, and last living relative has met his true death. Her vampire sire Bradley Sanguini is gone leaving holes in her staff, and the weight of his world dominating plans on her shoulders. Quincie has some challenges ahead while she works to reopen Sanguini’s, combat the potential fallout from the baby squirrel eaters, and maintaining her new dietary needs from Kieren’s family. Fortunately Quincie has an angel on her side. Eternal’s Zachary and a few of his cohorts join the fray and the wait staff to give Quincie the edge she’s gonna need to overcome Brad’s latest evil plans and Dracula Prime. It’s the ultimate battle of good vs evil and the powers that be have Quincie playing an important role. What’s left of her soul is at stake, and the redemption of Brad’s victims.

Blessed is a highly entertaining book. Like Tantalize Blessed is outlined using the concept of a menu, which I found to be a quirky and a fresh take on creating a framework for the story. I like the merging of the two previous books and characters and how they combined to remake a classic. But the lull in release dates, prompts me to recommend rereading the Tantalize and Eternal before Blessed. I while I remembered Tantalized and recalled more as the book went on, I had a really hard time recalling Eternal. The two years in between really took their toll. Overall I think this book was great fans of the first two won’t be disappointed. Though I think the story arc has come to an end, like the short provided at the end of Blessed, I hope Smith continues to write in her Dark Universe.

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4 stars -loved it!

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