Barking Blossoms

I first bought these because the picture was cute and they came in a pack of six. Sometimes product images can be deceiving but these tiny flowers are a nice quality. They are very small felt flowers with contrasting stitching in the front and a clear plastic band in the back. The elastic is quite sparse so you have to stretch it a lot to fit your fingers before you apply them, but they are also quite durable, your more likely to loose the hair pieces then snap them. I think we only snapped one but lost maybe two. I have reordered these before once to replace them and another time for backup and to see if I could get some other color.

I really like these because they’re light weight, my dog can’t wear barrettes or clasps anything heavy. The blossoms are very tiny so they aren’t overpowering on teacup sized heads. I love the fact that they come in a set of six for $19 which I think is a wonderful value since most pet hair accessories usually come in a pairs and run around $8. Plus the cost evens out since we’ve had these for years. Fun and colorful the hair blossoms look cute with everything!


  • Good Quality
  • Bright Vibrant Colors
  • “Ouchless” Double-elastic Fasteners
  • Set of Six

Available at Trixie and Peanut for $19 per set of six.

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