Not as Good as the First

Hexbound (Dark Elite) by Chloe Neill

Strange things are happening in the city under the city of Chicago. Chloe Neill returns with Hexbound her follow up to last years Firespell. Lily Parker is back to trolling the underground of Chi Town with her magical neighborhood watch crew. One night they stumble upon some strange vampire like creatures and their slimy trail. After the near death experience, Lily and her friends get their Nancy Drew on to discover what the reapers are up to, and why they are creating hybrids. Meanwhile Scout’s learning more about her powers, why she’s so special, and what makes her so appealing to the reapers. Lily’s night life maybe exciting, but her daytime life is getting just as interesting too. Lily is busy snooping into her parents employers, she’s having strange nightmares that seem to have a prophetic quality to them. Super hot nemesis Sebastian happens to have an uncanny knack for being where she is, and is offering to help teach her about firespell. Her relationship with sexy wolf Jason is heating up, but complications are arising, that could put a huge wrench in her love life.

While I felt the overall book dragged a bit, there were some interesting things happening here. The new thread about her parents jobs are finally starting to develop. Some of the new characters from another dark elite cell are a welcome edition, and the new complications with Jason are enough of a promise for lots of drama in the next installment, as well as an opening for Sebastian. Though I don’t think Hexbound is as good as Firespell the ground work set up here are a promise for a tasty third book.

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3 stars -liked it.


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