Who will save your soul?

Invincible: The Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon read by Holter Graham

The fate of the world is at stake, and the deciding factor between good and evil rest upon the shoulders of a teenager. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s foray into the popular YA genre hits it’s stride with the sophomoric release of The Chronicles of Nick series, Invincible. This second effort is definitely better than the first. We pick up where the last book left off, right after Nick and his friends defeat the zombies, and the mortents. Oh, and then there’s Kyrian’s flashing some fang. But who and what his so called friends and allies are, are not the only obstacles Nick will be facing. The pressure is on for Nick to start mastering his powers, because there’s a bounty on his head, and no shortage of demons trying to collect. His love life has gone from not to hot, trying to decide between the girl he’s pined for in the past and the one who saw him when no one else did. Nick can’t seem to catch a break with a new principal who’s even worst than the last one. Gautier can’t even put a W in the win column when the new football coach wants him back on the team, since he also has even more devious extra curricular activities to add to Nick’s roster. In Nick’s world everyone’s a player and surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to being a pawn or a king, and by the end someone close to him will be on evil’s payroll. His soul is constantly teetering in the balance, as we watch on pins and needles whether the choices he makes now will sway the future.

I found the writing as witty as some of the characters. Kenyon approached this book with a sense of humor and satire that I think really fits her leading man. She really captures an innocence, curiosity, and attitude with Nick that make you want him to succeed. At the same time Invincible was a lot of fun bringing back old characters like Bubba and Mark and adding some new dimensions to them, while introducing new and interesting characters like Grim, Pain, and Suffering. Even when we were in the build up stage at the beginning of the book Kenyon kept us occupied with interesting places and people like the Sanctuary. It’s a great vibrant world set in an equally lively and tragic city, that mirrors Nick’s character. There isn’t a dull moment in the life of Nick and by the end we’ll all be rooting for the underdog.

I opted for the audiobook for Invincible, which was excellent. The narrator Holter Graham was wonderful.Graham made the words come to life. He doesn’t sound too old, and he captures Nick’s personality. I highly recommend the audio version if you get the chance. If not, well you can’t go wrong with a great world, wonderful characters, and interesting storylines. The ending will have you wondering what’s next and how Nick’s going to deal with the relentless revelations.

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4 stars -loved it!

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