Wow, Hope You Like Disappointment

Hard Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires) by Chloe Neill

Hard Bitten to the bitter end. Literally.

Merit super sentinel of Cadogan House is back and busy solving mysteries. Violent raves are going down in Chicagoland, and the mayor is threatening Master Vamp Ethan to put a stop to it or be arrested. Not what Cadogan needs right now with the head of the European Council visiting and itching for a way to dismantle the house that Ethan built. Unfortunately unrest is brewing among the humans who are getting more and more organized as well as aggressive. The deliciously growing tension between Merit and Ethan is getting a third wheel in the form of a certain Red Guard member from Grey House. Throughout the book you’ll be wondering will she or won’t she give Ethan another chance. And then there’s “The End”. Or I like to call it “The Disappointment”.

Well. Anyway. Except for the end, I really enjoyed this book. As always Neill has a great cast of supporting characters, Merit and her appetite for Chi-Town’s unique cuisine is endearing. Hard Bitten was a well written good solid read, with complex storylines that either resolved well here or lead into the next installment with much anticipation.

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3 stars -liked it.


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