Good Start but Not Great.

Wildefire by Karsten Knight

Ashline Wilde is trying to live the normal life in peace. But in her upper-middle class, completely white-bread community in Scarsdale, New York she’s finding out that blending in with her Polynesian background hard to do. Of course her sister Eve is trying hard to become the bane of her existence. After a confrontation between Ashline, Eve, and a local bully, Eve is in the wind and Ash has moved clear across the country to a boarding school in northern California.

But Blackwood Academy has more to offer than tennis and soccer captains. The school is turning out to be a gathering place for teenage gods, and Ash is one of them. She’s going to have to figure out which god she is and how to control her power, because Eve’s not done ruining her little sister’s life.

I found Wildefire had a lot of good things going for it. The prose at times was brilliant. Some of the situations with the lead being drawn to the same kind of guy, and experimenting with boys and alcohol were typical of what adolescent girls go through. The concept was interesting and it was entertaining.

Unfortunately I thought Wildefire had some bad things going for it as well. At times it seemed like the author was trying too hard. Trying too hard for conflict, with out reason. First off I guess I should start at the beginning. The start of the book was dragged out a little. Ash’s ex and Lizzie Jacobs just kept antagonizing Ash and making things worse. I just didn’t believe that someone could have so little common sense or self control. Another problem I had was, with Eve. I get she’s mad and resents her adoptive parents and life in general, she’s confused, and lonely, but her state of mind doesn’t make sense. There was no explanation as to why she was so unhappy, clearly she was loved by her parents and sister. She was drunk on her own power, but her motivations weren’t clear. The worst part I think was the that a lot of the characters weren’t likable. Ashline was too immature most of the time. And while I usually like sarcasm I felt like it was used too much here, making the lead unlikable.

Overall I think this was a good first novel and hope that the author works out the kinks in the future.

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3 stars -liked it.

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