An Interesting Intro to a New Series

Bloodlands (A Novel of the Bloodlands) by Christine Cody

Imagine a world ravished by the dark side of humanity, creating the dystopian marriage between sci-fi technology and the wild west. A post apocalyptic landscape scorched by the sun making night the new day. Where creatures of lore are thought to be hunted to extinction. A future where the masses live in technology driven cities and speak the shorthanded speech of text messaging. And people on the fringes of society seek solace in the desolate wastelands outside of the metropolis hubs looking for a fresh start, or to live under the radar.

Mariah is one of the drifters who came to the New Badlands to create a new life, live beyond the watchful eyes of the city, and find safety. After an attack on her family she knows all too well the horrors of letting a stranger into your home. So she’s quite reluctant to help the beaten man who is seeking sanctuary within her walls.

Gabriel is looking for his lost love, Abby. The woman who carries with her his humanity. When he stumbles upon a small community in the badlands he knows he must protect his vampire nature from his new found friends not only for his sake but theirs as well.

But they have some secrets of their own, and Gabriel finds they need his help as much as he needs theirs. A bad man named Stamp is looking to take over their resources and eradicate the community. Making matters worse someone or something has been picking off Stamp’s men, and with his blackouts Gabe pretty sure he’s the cause for the fallen. It’s up to him to rile up the locals find out what happened to Abby and maybe find someplace where he belongs as well. But don’t count Stamp out, he like everyone who comes to the badlands has a sordid past and it could be the true death for them all.

Bloodlands was an interesting read. The mix of themes and world building made for an intriguing setting. The characters were well written and the storyline wasn’t as straight forward as I thought it was going to be. The twist in the end was a nice surprise. Sometimes the story dragged, and the text message dialogue was strange as actual prose. Most of the evil element was referred to as “bad men” and I thought this was uncreative and because it was the only name used, it became redundant. I also didn’t like how some parts of the relationship got a bit corny or campy especially the ending when the hero supposedly goes riding off into the sunset.

Other than a little corn and camp and maybe some excess filler here and there Bloodlands turn out to be a pretty good read.

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3 stars -liked it!

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