Put it Down and You Won’t Want to Pick it Back Up

Blood Rules (A Novel of the Bloodlands) by Christine Cody

Gabriel and Mariah are having relationship issues. Their bond isn’t enough to overcome Abby’s death. The peace Gabriel is able to give Mariah isn’t working, her changes uncontrollable and Gab’s bloodlust is becoming less and less manageable. They need a solution to their darker natures. A cure. So the paranormal duo set out on a quest to the hubs to find a cure. But what they find is so much more transforming and terrifying then anyone could have imagined.

Christine Cody returns with Blood Rules the second installment of her Bloodlands series and hits a stumble in her stride. While I thought Bloodlands was interesting for the mix of genres Blood Rules gets bogged down by an overly taylored world. Sure the whole wild west meets a dystopian post apocalyptic sci-fi world sounds cool and was for a while but it just got to be too much. Everything was so stylized it was starting to sound like a bad science fiction flick. There were these complex descriptions of future technology that bored me. Way too much filler. The whole book felt flat. There was quite a bit of action toward the end but it was too little too late by then.

With an increasingly strange world and even stranger storyline Blood Rules is the kind of book you put down and have a hard time picking it back up.

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2 stars -loathed it.

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