Dark Dismal and Depressing

Fury by Elizabeth Miles read by Emma Galvin

The most dynamic thing about this book is the cover. The Furies are more like modern day mythological mean girls who have nothing better to do than to dole out retributions of a hundred fold felony from a misdemeanor crime.

Em has an eye for her best friend’s boyfriend, Chase is all about image and pride. They both will pay the price for their petty mistakes in the furies twisted view of fair. I found most of the characters unlikable shallow superficial teenagers, who even as the story progressed and they grew had no real chance of redemption. The plot was based on typical contemporary teenage behavior of boyfriend stealing, cyber bulling, and upper clickisms. Though current issues, they are also a bit cliched and not very inventive. The juvenile intent and inexperience in consequences add to the naive nature of the crimes committed by the chosen ones but the level of maturity of the characters makes the harness of their punishments unbelievable. This concept would have worked better in a different genre or age group.

Fury is a bad dark teen drama with some crones thrown in to make it different. It needed a stronger concept and a little camp thrown in to lighten up the way too serious feel of the book. I found it a dismal depressing drag.

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1 star -loathed it.

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