Haven or Hades

All You Desire (Eternal Ones) by Kirsten Miller

Haven and Iain have been living happily ever after in Italy for the past year. Iain has been laying low after his assumed demise, Haven as a clothing designer with her own modest shop. But paradise isn’t in the cards for the soul mates. Haven’s inheritance is being contested and her best friend Beau has gone missing, everywhere Haven turns she thinks she’s being watched, followed. Of course number one bad guy Adam Rosier is the prime suspect but he’s not the only one keeping tabs on Haven.

She’ll seek the help of the Horae an ancient line of eternal ones. She’s sure the key to finding Beau is in one of her past lives and the leader of the Horae is the only one who can show her what she needs to see. But there’s a high price on help that could cost her Iain. Moore will have to infiltrate the Ouroboros Society and get close to Adam, yet the deeper she investigates the OS and their school the more unsure Haven becomes of Adam’s nefarious activities. Rosier seems sincere in his endeavors to reform the society and help it’s youngest members by providing a school to cultivate their unique skills.

Is this all an elaborate plot by Adam designed to draw Haven closer to him. Or is someone else entirely pulling the strings. One thing’s for sure, Haven’s in deep over her head. With lives at stake and a prophecy of plague at hand Haven and her friends are going to have to make all the right moves to insure their future.

All I desired throughout this book was a strong non-annoying lead character. Kirsten Miller’s followup to The Eternal Ones has an almost solid storyline and a great line up of interesting personalities but I found Haven Moore grating. She was a constant in naivete and gullibility, Haven believed everything anyone told her without question, especially from people she hardly knew or had lied and deceived her in the past. Not trusting in the people she clearly doesn’t deserve. I actually enjoyed the supporting cast more than the lead. Beau, Iain, Leah, and the other secondary characters are the only redeeming factor in the book, which could at times drag things out or feel like it was going in circles. By the end I felt more for Adam than Haven. This was not as good as the first book for me. I give it one star for the ok story and one for the supporting players.

If you loved the first, you might like this. If whinny heroines are your thing than this is for you. It’s quite possible that if you read this book All You Desire could be the end. Or your money back.

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2 stars -loathed it.

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