In Between Adult and YA. AdultLite.

Witches of East End (The Beauchamp Family) by Melissa de la Cruz

Something Wicked this way comes in Del La Cruz’s more grown up version of YA fiction. Witches of East End is like her Blue Bloods series just with more graphic sexual content. I know I was a bit surprised not knowing before I read this that it wasn’t YA. If you like the world where vampires are fallen angels then you’ll love witches who were Norse gods.

The Beauchamp’s are modern day witches who survived the Salem witch trials just to have their family ripped apart and sentenced to a half life, since they were shut out of the other world and forced to live as humans do, without the use of magic. Strange things start happening in their normally sleepy town, people are sick, animals are dying, as are a few of the locals. Joanna, Freya, and Ingrid are going to have to come out of hiding and break a few rules to solve a few mysteries and possible save the world.

I was a kind of disappointed with this book. I am a fan of the Blue Bloods series and the tone of the book is much the same. But at the same time it was confusing since it read like her usual YA but with more maturely natured scenes. I found the contrast didn’t work well. To me this felt like Del La Cruz wanted to write a young adult book but had to age up the characters for the mythology she was using. I wish she would have gone all out and pick a genre instead of bridging two. It was also a little strange that there were tie ins to the Blue Bloods novels. To me this would appeal to the built in aging audience, but also be cause for the younger fans to pick up a copy before the next installment Lost in Time. What bothers me most is that I found this book in the YA section of a bookstore.

The storylines were also simpler than I would have expected. Blue Bloods reads like a spanish soap opera where as Witches of E.E. seemed to take forever to come together and can be predictable. While I like the concepts that Del La Cruz puts in her stories about Vampires being the fallen and the witches are taken from Norse gods, like the evolution of the paranormal races. But sometimes the explanations get thin and I wish a vampire was just a vamp and a witch simply a witch.

Witches of East End straddles the line between Adult and Young Adult. Not mature enough to be Adult. Too racy to be YA. More like AdultLite. The author and publishers seem to want to appeal to an older audience or grow with the earlier one but still attract the teens who read her other books. I think if your going to write for an older audience you should go all the way. More complex storylines, hot romances, engaging prose, and characters to match. Hopefully the follow up will pick an age group and stick with it.

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3 stars -liked it.

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