Nice Quick Read

Torn by Erica O’Rourke

Mo has been groomed to be a good girl. Quiet, accepting, never talking back, she’s been taught not to think not to act. Her demure state becomes the basis for her biggest regret, the night her best friend Verity is murdered in front of her.

Mo wakes in the hospital and finds herself the only lead to the grisly attack but the ambush wasn’t normal. She can’t exactly tell the police and her family about the unnatural element of Verity’s death. Unfortunately the events are being blamed on Mo and her uncle’s ties to the mob. Her life is turned upside down as the police stubbornly investigate the wrong angle and her already overprotective family puts her on lockdown. It’s not all bad though with the hot and dangerous bodyguard Colin shadowing her every move.

Colin’s presence does get a bit inconvenient. Verity was a very special girl. One with power. And that power has somehow passed to Mo. She’ll have to trust the handsome mysterious Luc to help her full fill Verity’s lost destiny. Mo will be thrust into a magical world that’s not quite welcoming and Verity’s killer is still out there. The conspiracy is bigger than Mo could have imagined and trusting the wrong person could cost Mo her life.

Torn was a fun read. It was nice to watch Mo break free of the social constraints she and her family imposed on her, growing into a stronger more assertive person not content to living in the shadows and disappearing. There wasn’t as strong of a mob presence as I would have thought given most reviews I read prior to my purchase. But the love triangle is one I enjoyed and has the possibility for more in the future. Though this reads like a stand alone the threads where open enough for sequel that I would pick up.

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4 stars -loved it!

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