Giving Angels a Bad Name, In a Good Way

Angel Burn by Lee Weatherly

L.A. Weatherly is giving angels a bad name, in a good way. Weatherly’s new twist on angel lore is providing a fresh take in the overly saturated paranormal YA genre.

A new church is gaining momentum. The Church of Angels is catching like wildfire, worshiping the winged beings above all else. Unfortunately they are sucking the life from their followers. With their world diminishing along with their sustenance the angels have found an alternative food source. Human life. While the exchange maybe nourishing to the heavenly being it is devastating to the mortal. Emotionally the humans are euphoric, but their bliss is not without consequences physically and mentally.

The survival of the human race is dependent on a rag tag splinter group called the AKs or Angel Killers, specifically trained to hunt and kill angels. Alex is one such operative and he’s about to get a target that will make him question the direction and leadership of the organization.

Willow Fields is just an ordinary high school girl, infamous for her oddities. She doesn’t wear the right clothes, or make up, she isn’t involved in the popular after school clubs. She’s a grease monkey and psychic, but her next reading will set off a chain of events that will put her life in danger and expose her to just how different she really is.

Angel Burn had a lot of fun and interesting ideas going for it, the heavenly villins, junkie devotees, and teenage assassin. I also like that Weatherly wasn’t afraid to take her time and develop the story and characters. In a sea of short reads a lot of YA fiction tends to chop up series into single serving portions of 350 pages or less, triple spaced, with 18 point font. What really happens is the reader gets short changed on plot or character development. Weatherly allows plenty of time to get swept away in the characters backgrounds without losing interest.

After such a great twist in the concept and all the time spent on getting to know the leads in this book I felt like the author gave up trying to be creative with some of her language and in part her world building. One of the great things about YA is that a lot of books create their own slang, like muggles, mundies, and shadowhunters. I found the terms AK, Angel Killers, Angel Burn and Project Angel brash and cringe worthy for being so literal and unimaginative. I get this is about angels, but does every phrase have to include the word “Angel”. I also felt like the tie into the CIA and how to see or kill an angel was disjointed. Explanations pinned to the surface instead of being integrated into the world building. Those things could have been better thought out. They just seemed thrown in there, an afterthought as an adequate explanation, yet it didn’t quite fit.

Overall I think this book is solid. Maybe closer to 3.75 stars. Some of the details could have been worked out better. But a good start to a new series. The great thing about this book is the time spent in our couple slowly revealing themselves, and falling in love.

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4 stars -loved it!


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