Highly Entertaining. Hard to Put Down.

Grave Dance: An Alex Craft Novel by Kalayna Price

You know you have issues when your back up is a six pound dog and Death’s minions.

High off her 15 minutes of fame after raising a shade on tv, business is booming at Tongues for the Dead. Unfortunately for Alexis Craft it seems like everyone wants a piece of her. The Nekros PD and independent fey want Alex to find a killer, the Winter Queen and Shadow King are trying to recruit her, mortal magical skimmers want to use her, while Death and Falin are trying to woo her.

Alexis Craft is up to her neck in…. Feet? Well, no one said her job was uninteresting. Alex is on the case of a serial murderer with a serious right foot fetish. Because only finding feet wasn’t weird enough, they all had to be left feet. Unfortunately Craft can’t raise a shade from foot alone, and any attempt Alex and her buddies at the NPD have made to find the bodies has yielded nothing. Literally. Like the feet only ever existed without an entire body. Of course this is only one of Alex’s on going problems. It seems the Blood Moon ritual has awoken her Fey Soul. Craft is now finding it increasingly more difficult to lie, she is also developing a very annoying intolerance to iron, and her powers as well seem to be growing. Alex can now see across multiple plans of reality at once. This new ability not only makes her a hot commodity, it also puts her life in danger. But it’s not like homicidal attempts are anything new for Alex. Especially when an abnormally high number of imaginary magical creatures keep trying to kill her. If the bad guys don’t succeed her would be lovers might. Falin Andrews reappears after being MIA for a month, and the love triangle heats up with a little deathly drama as Mr. Muerte shows his interest and tries to keep the Queen’s Bloodied Hands off Alexis.

Alex is going to have put her dancing shoes on to tango with the fey as she journeys into Fairy. To save her friends and herself she’ll have to be quick witted and clever, while solving a few murder mysteries in the process, and finding the killers along the way.

Wow. Kalayna Price has really raised the bar in Grave Dance. The second installment of the gritty urban fantasy was packed with intricate storylines that keep you guessing until the end. Just when I thought Price had established her heroine she added layers to Alex’s abilities and identity to create an even richer character. I really like how everything came together, as well as hints to future complications. Price planted a few plot points involving family, and lovers that I am looking forward to reading about. Grave Dance wasn’t as fast paced as Grave Witch but there were a lot of action scenes. Alex’s love life is still slow building and light compared to everything else, but what little of it there was, definitely leaves you wanting more.

Fans of the Fey genre will love this installment, since Grave Dance shifts the witchcraft focus to a predominantly more fairy one. But don’t despair if your like me and like the witchy aspect, there’s still plenty witch in Alex Craft. Overall this is a great sequel, another page turning edition that will leave you pining for the next edition.

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4 stars -loved it!

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