Interesting & Entertaining Read

Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay

Folklore becomes reality when a mysterious mutation allows the fey to come out of hiding and begin feeding on humans. Unfortunately fairy bites lead to insanity and death in most of the population. Only a small percentage of humanity are immune, their very presence repelling the ferocious tinkerbells.

Annabelle Lee is striving hard to live the life unextraordinary. Her time is measured in the amount of drinks it takes to get her through the day and the number of sleeping pills it takes to make it through the night. Her life is a series of losses that have lead her to her current lifestyle choice. She is an avid avoider, underachieving at her job content to being a field collector or a fairy pooper scooper and contenplating how to dump her perfect boyfriend before like becomes love. Basically opting for the least of what life has to offer as possible, but she is going to have to put aside her lush, lazy ways to solve the murder of a young girl, save her friend from the blame, and keep her own sanity when she finds the ability to do things that shouldn’t be possible and starts seeing or not seeing strange people. Annabelle is definitely going to be needing a stiff drink after juggling all that, while being investigated by an FBI agent with a personal score to settle, a very unhappy boyfriend, and the reappearance of the man who ripped out her heart.

Dead On The Delta was an entertaining read. I don’t think the main storyline was terribly original. You could see all the possibilities and the twists weren’t anything new. The strength of the book was world building and most of the characters. The Fernando character seemed like a weak play on Lafayette from Trueblood. I have a few theories about the mutations and where Stacy Jay is going with the series. Only future books will reveal if Jay’s other threads are as transparent as the main plot of this book.

I am interested most in how things will progress with Annabelle and Hitch, two people coping with similar experiences in different ways. Hitch committing himself fully to work and hiding under the guise of conformity. Annabelle is the complete opposite outwardly using alcohol to numb herself, shunning material things, and pushing away anything that could mean something.

I think Dead On The Delta could be a promising new series. It’s a bit light on the supernatural but has the potential to become more than a murder mystery with a few fairies and abnormal human abilities thrown in. It was definitely good enough to give the next book a chance.

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4 stars -loved it!


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