The Makings of a Stellar Series. Too Bad This is a Stand Alone.

Fateful by Claudia Gray

Faithful fans of the Evernight Series will be pleased with Claudia Gray’s latest release Fateful. Readers like me who were disappointed in the lack luster conclusion of Afterlife will find Fateful a return to all the wonderful things that drew us into Evernight and Stargazer.

Tess Davies is a woman of lower class and circumstance that has forced her to the employ of the Lisles. But Tess’s current station hasn’t dampened her determination to free herself of a life of servitude. She plans to strike out on her own in the new world. Before her journey can even begin Tess stumbles upon some supernatural trouble that follows her along her voyage and a mysterious handsome young man with a dangerous past who’s quickly becoming Tess’ personal knight in shining armor.

If the bad guy doesn’t kill her or the werewolves, the trip might do the trick, because this ship is destined to go down, the only question left is who’s going down with it.

Gray created some pretty compelling characters. Tess was interesting in the way she knew her place but also knew regardless of how society viewed her, she was worth more and patiently planned for a better future. Fateful was full of turn of the century socially imposed prisons and had a great cross section of women role models that spanned different classes and virtues. Tess being hardworking and patient, Irene kind, Myriam strong, fearless, self assured. There was also a great love story at the heart of this book, though it was a bit more progressive than most from this era, I personally don’t mind the less than chaste version, it seems more accurate and is mostly used to point out the difficulties that faced young women at the time.

I think my biggest gripe about Fateful is that it’s only planned as a stand alone book. Not being able to visit these characters again is a great disappointment, the time period is always a great one to read about because of all the rules and social mishaps. Wonderful characters, a great setting, true love, and mortal danger, this has everything for the makings of a stellar series. Hopefully Gray will one day utilize the openings she left at the end of the book.

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4 stars -loved it!

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