Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Bleep is a four letter word. And I can only describe this book in Bleeps. Good positive Bleeps. Yeah the cover’s beautiful, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and the content is most definitely eye catching. While other authors try to sound young and fresh in their prose, Kiersten White nailed it. The writing was clever, funny, and engaging. The storyline of Paranormalcy was good, it moved and flowed well, while creating a solid foundation for the cast. Along side the brilliant dialogue, White created interesting, rich characters, who you can’t help but invest in. Our heroine Evie is a spunky, wise cracking, kick-bleep, teenage Bond-like girl, with an affinity for cold, and a passion for pink sparkly things (totally relatable), who really just wants to be normal and live the mundane life. But there’s more to Evie, and the IPCA that she works for, than she realizes. Plus someone or something is killing paranormals, and when the mysterious shapeshifting burglar Lend enters her compound, creepy stalker fairies beware, because all your unnatural beauty, promises of forever, and fey magic are no match for: lockers???? and Prom???? I know. It just sounds wrong. But trust me it’s sooo right. And makes total sense. In a paranormal way. Lend may have been searching for the key to save paras, but he helps Evie solve the mysteries of who and what she is along the way. Lend is the perfect balance to Evie, in every aspect. Paranormalcy is a real gem. Solid storyline. Solid characters. Rock solid writing.

I know your reading this review and not getting the odd bits and bleeps. But that’s the beauty of this book and a testament to White’s witty writing. Her strength comes from taking these outrageous, seemingly benign, and otherwise corny notions and ideas then flipping it on you so your thinking, yeah that totally, absolutely makes sense. There’s a certain slant of thinking in how she wrote Evie’s perception of the world that was innocent, and funny, yet endearing. White has a refreshing voice and a constantly surprising point of view. Paranormalcy is a great debut from an exciting new author. This book is dessert. Savor every page.

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5 stars -loved it!

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