A Deliciously Dark Comedy

Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst

Get your palates ready for a new acquired taste. The humanely conscience vampire. Pearl is the bloodsucking maneater with a heart. At least she is now. Impalement has it’s annoyances but being kabobbed by mythical creatures should bring the true death not a real conscience. Slowly yet surely Pearl is discovering new powers of day-walking and empathy??? Not good when your at the top of the food chain. Her new un-supernatural abilities haven’t gone unnoticed by her fanged family and they’ve devised a plan to put Pearl’s daytime skills to use by moonlighting as a high school student. The hunt is on but there’s more at stake than dinner, one wrong move could get Pearl killed by any number of parties, and unfortunately for her the sheep are looking less like perishables and more like people. Even the once mouth-watering, totally edible Evan is becoming yummy in a whole new way. Pearl’s new life is looking like it could be the death of her.

Sarah Beth Durst easily blends some of the most endearing and iconic pop culture references into a quirky new series. Drink Slay Love is the personal journey of Pearl Sange as she transitions from cold uncaring vamp to almost human warm and fuzzy with fangs. I love Durst’s approach of using a Mean Girls anthropological veiw point, along with a John Hughes teen quirk and angst backdrop, with a little Buffy camp thrown in to temper the self discovery theme evident in the title’s reference. The DVD playlist of inspiration is grounded by a solid storyline. Some plot points might be transparent to some readers but the characters and overall book are just too much fun to let this one slip through your biblio to do list. Pearl’s simple and straight forward voice was completely lovable, as was the slowly building budding romance. The whole unicorn thing was a little cheesy but I honestly can’t imagine any other way this book would work. Durst created a whole supporting cast of interest personalities and a world you can immerse yourself in for hours.

Drink Slay Love is a dark comedy that doesn’t take it’s self too seriously. The ending left a few possibilities as to how the series will progress, Durst can either continue Pearl’s narrative or move on to one of the other supporting characters as the lead. Either way I can’t wait to see what happens next in this entertaining new series.

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4 stars -loved it!


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