A Phenomenal Modern Day Odyssey

Hammered: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Odysseus Who? Atticus continues his modern day odyssey in Hammered, and Hearne’s druid is making Homer’s hero look like a little punk with his epic adventures. After all, even Odysseus didn’t go after a full fledge god like Thor.

Too bad Dos Equis isn’t an Irish brew because Atticus could definitely win the bid for the Most Interesting Man in the World. Delight in the oddities and misfortunes that have become Atticus’ life. Drinks with Jesus. A Shakespearean duel with a vampire. Suggestive salad spinning with a young beautiful apprentice. A bareback ride on a giant squirrel. And getting slapped around by the Morrigan. Sounds like just another day for Atticus O’Sullivan.

The Iron Druid is a man of his word, and it’s time to make good on some promises he made. Even if it kills him. First he has to retrieve a golden apple for a certain witch. Then Atticus is to escort Leif to Asgard to take on the patron God of Jerks. They’ll pick up some backup along the way and introduce us to some new and endearing characters all with a grudge against Thor. And honestly when someone like Jesus concedes your a thundering D-Bag, you probably deserve the angry lynch mob coming for you.

But O’Sullivan’s actions aren’t without consequence. Not everyone will come out of the fray alive and with the possible relocation of the local coven, pack upheaval within the werewolf community, and vampire unrest in Arizona the cost of revenge could be too high. The wait for the next installment definitely too long.

Again I have to reccomend the audiobook version of this series. Hammered was just as excellently performed as Hounded, and Hexed. Kevin’s words are pure magic when Luke Daniels is narrating them. He did another outstanding job with Atticus and company. I particularly liked his rendition of a giant squirrel which sounded a lot like a cross between the Chipmunks and Gollum. Lets face it Hearne doesn’t make it easy on Daniels who has to voice multiple accents and languages. I love that a new deal is going to give us more Atticus, Kevin, and Luke to come.

Hearne’s third effort is yet again another gem, embodying all that is awesome. Fans of the first two books will be pleased with Kevin’s usual wit and candor. But he steps things up a bit, with the addition of some different POV’s that shows Hearne’s more serous side. The pace is a little slower than in the past but I think that is because of the grandeur of the task Atticus has to achieve. There’s plenty of the action and unexpected quirkiness that comes with Hearne’s twisted imagination, and his ability to blend mythos, theology, folklore, and pop culture is pure genius. As always you can tell Hearne did extensive homework for Hammered, or that he’s an amazing literary con artist, either way the words he puts down on the page are completely believable.

With all the delicious threads planted for future tomes, the end will have you trying to conjure up more pages, and cursing the long year wait ahead.

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5 stars -loved it!

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