An Unexpected Emotional Roller Coaster

Vanish: A Firelight Novel by Sophie Jordan

The forbidden fairytale comes to an abrupt end for Jacinda. She’s done the unthinkable, revealing her draki nature to humans, all to save her hunter boyfriend, Will. Now Jace and her family are on the run trying to get out of town and back to the pride.

Leaving Will was hard, but coming home again is proving unbearable for Jacinda. Her rockstar fire breathing status has been downgraded to total loserdom. In a strange twist of fate there’s been a complete role reversal between Jace, the newly named outcast and her twin Tamra, who is now the darling of the pride. Though happy for her sister, Jacinda can’t help but see through all the fawning to the heart of why her mother risked so much in fleeing, she and Tam are only valued for their gifts as property instead of people.

With her mom’s steady decline into depression, and the separation from her sister just to start, the pride’s punishments to force compliance are doing more to damage than to tame Jace.

Jacinda’s increasing isolation and loneliness is only punctuated by the loss of Will and the knowledge that he won’t remember why she left or worse forget her all together. But does the heart that truly loves ever forget.

Sophie Jordan takes us on a roller coaster ride of excitement and fluctuating feelings. With an emotional whirlwind worthy of a Disney or Hallmark movie. Vanish opens the story with their great escape and continues the journey alternating between internal turmoil and thrilling peril inside and outside the pride.

Sure Sophie follows a typical series arc of: Book 1. Fall in love, Book 2. Anguish so you can appreciate love, but it’s what you do with the tried and true template that counts. Vanish is anything but typical. Jordan doesn’t skimp on the raw angst, anguish, and the common trappings most women, young and old, face in relationships or in society. There are some great lessons wrapped up in this love story about the difficulties of not fitting in and being valued for the person you are and not as a commodity.

I can’t find fault in Vanish. There was plenty of action and in the quiet moments I found myself drawn into Jacinda’s story. Empathy overtaking me, to the point of teary eyes at some embarrassingly inconvenient moment. Public displays of literary induced sobbery aside I was very pleased with this book and Jordan’s unexpected emotional array of storylines.

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5 stars -loved it!

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