Elemental Assassin’s Killer Book 3

Venom (Elemental Assassin, Book 3) by Jennifer Estep

Your friendly neighborhood assassin, Gin Blanco, is back in the Elemental Assassin’s third installment, Venom. Blanco, equals Bada$$. Coolige, also equals Bada$$. But Jennifer Estep is definitely the biggest Bada$$ of them all, and Oh what tangled webs she writes. Venom proves Spider’s Bite and Web of Lies was only the start of good things to come. With the set up and well established characters of Gin, her cohorts, and the world that is Ashland, firmly behind her, Estep confidently starts her descent into the point of no return. Before the end, lines will be drawn. Decisions will be made. And war will begin.

In typical Estep fashion Venom starts off with a bang…. Or a fist in the face. Picking up where Web of Lies left off, paybacks a b!t@h, that Mab’s minions are taking out on Gin’s body. Getting jumped by a gang of giants lead by Elliot Slater, and Jonah McAllister, sets the tone for the difficult battle ahead. And it won’t be easy with the new straight laced Detective Coolidge on Gin’s back. In this episode Gin’s case, is eliminating a stalking, serial murdering, rapist, with an eye for a certain madame. This will be her hardest mark yet, and Gin’s not sure she will walk away from it alive. Compounding matters, he also happens to be at the top of Mab Monroe’s inner circle, and getting this job done will be like declaring war. But Venom isn’t just about present problems and relationships, there is also a healthy dose of the past. In this installment, Estep works in Gin’s memories of the fateful fire that changed her life. We even find out why her family was targeted, along with learning more about Grayson’s troubled past, and how Sophia does such a good job at cleaning up after Gin.

With the abrupt departure of Donovan Caine, Gin is questioning her head and heart. The always confident assassin, is feeling quite self conscience about how new relationships will perceive her. Enter Owen Grayson, wealthy, sexy, quite possibly the most understanding man in the world, but Gin’s weary heart is worried about his motives, and wether he’ll be there in the morning when he finds out who and what she really is. Then there’s baby sis Bria, who has moved back to Ashland, but Gin’s not the only one who recognizes Bria. Life’s just not fair for Gin, who’s struggling with how to break the news to long lost little sis about who she is and what she does, while juggling to keep Bria alive and kill her mark. But it’s all in a day’s work for the barbecue betty.

With luck abandoning her, Gin can’t seem to catch a break. Retirement is becoming more of a full time hobby, and the assassin Spider, a murdering philanthropist, donating her skills to the less fortunate. Fortunately for us Estep is donating her writing skills to the masses. Venom’s strong story line, action packed drama, and well written characters will keep you hooked. The few answers given will satisfy. And the new threads created will string you along for the next book.

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5 stars -loved it!


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