Get Caught in the Spider’s Web

Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin, Book 4) by Jennifer Estep

Your friendly neighborhood assassin is back. But unfortunately for the Spider, there’s a new hired hand on Mab’s payroll. Renowned assassin LaFleur has come to Ashland, and her number one priority is Gin.

Gin Blanco, humble restaurateur by day, semi retired killer by night, has declared war on Ashland’s reining mobster, Mab Monroe. Gin aka the Spider has been systematically taking out low level minions in Mab’s organization working her way up to the queen bee. Gin’s constant challenge of Mab’s authority has the finest sharks in Ashland smelling blood in the water. Frustrated and trying to maintain her hold on the city’s underworld, Mab’s next move is crucial. Enter Elektra LaFleur. An extremely efficient assassin, and electric elemental, dead set on eliminating the now notorious Spider.

Oh, what Tangled Threads are weaved, but not just on the war front. Estep is taking things a bit further in Gin’s love life. Sexy Owen Grayson is making his presence known and quickly finding a place in not only Gin’s heart but the readers with his understanding, and determination to stick. No matter how hard Gin tries to shake him. Gone are the days of Detective Caine, but the scars he imposed remain, making Gin all the more skittish. Add in Blanco’s tentative relationship with her long lost baby sister Bria, and Gin might make that child size crack in the wall behind the Pork Pit big enough for her adult self to crawl into.

But the Spider’s going to have to come out of hiding because LaFleur has added a couple of names to her death list: Spider, Detective Bria Coolidge, and Gin Blanco. With her duel identities in jeopardy Gin might not have the luxury of keeping her secret alter ego intact. She’s going to have to come out to Bria sooner or later the question is will her feelings air on the side of her predecessor the loved and loathed Caine or the excepting Grayson. One thing is for sure, this is one fight Gin can’t afford lose, because if the truth gets out more lives than her sister’s will be at stake. LaFleur is more than Gin’s equal in ability and the trade. The Spiders has met her match and it’s going to take all her strength and cunning to survive.

Tangled Threads, Estep’s fourth volume in the Elemental Assassins Series starts off with a bang and keeps the pace going. I like how she integrates the action, story lines, background information, and personal life of our heroine without creating a lull. Everything is balanced well to maintain the readers attention. Gin’s progression in her elemental abilities with each book are starting to come together. What I didn’t like about Tangled Threads was all of the recapping from the previous books Estep was including. I know it’s necessary, but I felt like there was too much of it especially in the beginning of the book. Some of it also seemed redundant.

Overall I loved this book, and highly recommend this series. Tangled Threads will wrap you up so you won’t want to put it down.

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4 stars -loved it!


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