Light my Fire

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Modern day fantasy with a twisted Romeo+Juliet spin. FIrelight is your typical YA book. Misunderstood teen, loving but antigonistic sibling, well meaning non understanding parent, extremely hot very understanding love interest. Yeah I know very formulaic outline, but I loved it all the same. Plus I knew what I was getting or hoping to get when I purchased this book. Anyway, to what you really want to know without any spoilers. Firelight’s heroine, Jacinda and her family are draki, descendants of drangons. She and her people who have manifested, can shift from one humanlike dragon form to normal human. Jacinda herself is a rare fire breather and is treated more of a commodity than a person. She is however revered while her twin, Tamra who didn’t manifest, is basically treated like a leaper. Jacinda and her sister’s life is drastically flipped when their mother steals them away from their isolated community to the outside world, where Tamra is normal and Jacinda the outcast. She becomes increasingly lonely in a world where she doesn’t fit, with a sister who could never understand her draki half and a mother who never wanted her own draki. Except for Will, the gorgeous quite guy, who keeps to himself, yet is drawn to Jacinda, and in his own way a lot like her. The real problem, Will hunts draki. I got lost in this book and Jacinda’s struggle, after all embodying a fairy tale has its angst. The only problem, the end came to soon. I want more. Now.

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4 stars -loved it!


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