Patchy Prelude

First Frost by Jennifer Estep

Gwendolyn Frost is your normal average awkward teenager. Resigned to the fringes of the popular factions, being more a sweatshirt and comics than sling backs and coach kind of girl. Maybe her tastes in outside appearance is a nod to her difference. Gwen has a Gypsy gift of psychometry, she is able to touch something enabling her to see glimpses and feel emotions of the people who have come into contact with it.

First Frost is set about six months prior Touch of Frost and, details the events leading up to Gwen’s entrance to Mythos Academy. I am a fan of Estep and have been patiently waiting for this series to drop and snatched this up as soon as I came across it. Immediately after finishing First Frost I went on the authors site to see if any chapters of Touch of Frost were posted. The first two chapters are available and were a factor in my assessment of this teaser.

So while I like what I’ve read so far, in general the concept is really interesting, with a lot of potential. I like the idea of a school for warrior whiz kids. But I was disappointed. First Frost was more of a prologue than a novella. The story wasn’t enough for me to think of this as anything more than an introduction. It was insightful and left me wanting more. It didn’t cost much, so I don’t feel cheated. My real problem is with the inconsistencies between this and the full book. Of course in Touch of Frost the explanations of Gwen’s gift and past are included, but she unknowingly caught the vision that starts everything. Though in First Frost she planned it. There were other little things that didn’t match. I just find that the lack of consistency turns First Frost into a half-hearted effort.

I am still looking forward to this series. You don’t need to read this, It’s not vital, but if you like little shorts and want a summary of Gwen’s life before Mythos you’ll love it. And the price isn’t bad for what it is. If your not sure the first two chapters are available on the author’s web site.

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3 stars -liked it.


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