Sweetness with a Bite

Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

Gretchen is the hard knock monster slaying demi-deity use to going about things on her own. Living a life of sacrifice and pushing people away is what’s comfortable but when her mentor goes awol and the monsters start showing up in droves, she knows something isn’t right. The rules are changing and Gretchen is going to have to learn to be flexible if she’s wants to survive.

Grace is the well adjusted computer hacking hippie girl trying to save the world with a low carbon footprint. Recently uprooted to San Francisco, she wants to become less of a doormat. Unfortunately Grace is feels like she’s bypassed strong female lead for loon. Ever since she moved to the city by the bay Grace has being seeing strange things no one else can.

Greer is more interested in heels than hydras. She’s the perfect high society material girl with the perfect life to match. It’s too bad it’s all a front. What Greer really needs isn’t something you can buy, a real family.

Monsters maybe coming out of the woodwork but the real danger lies with a bounty set on the sisters. Something sinister this way comes, there are those on both sides of good and evil who want to see the girls succeed or fail. Someone big is pulling the strings. These three very different personalities must find a way to coexist before it’s too late, because they have a destiny coming for them whether they like or not.

Tera Lynn Childs releases her most compelling work yet with Sweet Venom. She has a fun and engaging writing style perfect for YA. The real star in this book are her characters. They all had such strong personalities and were really diverse. Grace Gretchen and Greer embodied the product of the environment in which they grew up in. This is one of those books that you just can’t help getting wrapped up in the characters and their lives.

Normally I feel like stories with an independent plot line are stronger books. I found Sweet Venom so good that the absence of that storyline within the series didn’t bother me. To me Sweet Venom is all about the introduction of the setting, and characters. We get to meet the trio, they find each other, and come together. Childs also starts to set up the series plot, which I can’t wait to read more about. Honestly I loved this book, though I am a little disappointed that it’s only a trilogy. There are so many possibilities with this concept, plus I imagine a grand quest and don’t know how it could fit in three volumes.

Sweet Venom is a great read filled with action and TLC’s usual wit and twist on mythological lingo turned slang. So set the Athena bashing propaganda aside, these triplets are putting a new slant on the snake-haired monster Medusa, and making her look good with a modern day legacy that will keep you reading.

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5 stars -loved it!


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