Symphony for Lady Vengeance

Spider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep

Seventeen years ago events were set into motion, regrets burned into stone. Yet again Mab Monroe has gone too far and with the lives of her friends and family on the line there’s nothing Gin Blanco won’t sacrifice to ensure their safety. After all she’s the Spider, b***h -the best there is.

Retirement isn’t supposed to be this much work. Then again vengeance isn’t a job you can just quit. Plus putting an end to your nemesis is less of a chore than a personal public service. Assassin extraordinaire Gin Blanco is ready for her curtain call and the final act between her and Mab Monroe. Unfortunately Gin’s hit a bit of a rough patch at work recently, not good when your in the business of killing. Mistakes are measured in terms of life or death, the marker becoming the marked. The only hurting happening right now, is to Gin’s ego and it seems like every hired hunting hand in the country is in town looking to score a big bounty on the Spider and Detective Bria Coolidge.

Life isn’t looking likely, but if she lives, Gin might need a vacation after this one.

Readers not found of Estep’s thorough rehashing of previous books won’t be too fond of the beginning. The recaps are mixed in with the action and set up from the start, along with Gin’s repeated nostalgic dwellings on past pains and people throughout the book. But I think that’s Gin’s way of working through her grieve and trama. I do concede that there is quite a lot of repetition from a series of books that is released pretty close together. It doesn’t bother me so much, but for those it does and are hoping for cutbacks in the flashbacks, Sorry.

For everyone else willing to see things through, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Spider’s Revenge was the ultimate second chance. We find all our favorite supporting characters back and showing that no good deed goes unrequited. There are even a couple new additions who are interesting enough for their own series. And well I think you have to read it just to find out what happened to Sophia and her voice.

Spider’s Revenge was a wonderful coda to Estep’s overture. All the repetition comes to fruition by the close. Estep creates an elegant ending to the series’ biggest thread with a subtle simple symmetry between how things began and finished. There is also a lovely little bookend of the last line mimicing the first of the series, marking the end of the story, or hopefully the beginning of the next chapter.

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5 stars -loved it!

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