Blood Past has Me Looking Forward to the Future.

Blood Past by Samantha Young

Finding out you’re one of the half-breed Unforeseen should give a girl piece of mind that her bipolar mood swings from soul sucking Blessed to super warrior Ankh aren’t signs of her imminent insanity. But Eden’s not sure which way is up or who to trust. Yeah, she’s happy her sicko father and indifferent mother are out of the picture for good but the same people who liberated her also took away her anchor. The loss of Stellan isn’t a slight she can overlook. The tension and strain of Noah’s betrayal is a major wedge between the two would be lovers and the chasm is only getting wider Stellan’s death is making it even harder for Eden to forgive him. Noah though is determined to make it up to her and win her back. Yet she can’t let the chance that there’s a way to rid herself of the hunger pass by. So Cyrus, Val, Eden, and Noah journey to Scotland to initiate the change for Eden can become a full Ankh and begin her training.

But Eden’s still a target. Cosmina and her traitorous minions are still out there along with Teagan. The sole Winslow has a plan to get his Eden back just the way he likes her, but even Teagan can’t imagine the storm he’s about to unleash.

Blood Past is an excellent installment to the Warriors of Ankh series. The friction between Noah and Eden was delicious. We got to know Eden as she was learning about herself. The storylines were uncomplicated and executed well, written just as wonderfully as book one. Blood Past has me looking forward to the future.

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4 stars -loved it!

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