The blood may tell, but the writing speaks for itself. This is a great read.

Blood Will Tell by Samantha Young

Coming from a long line of soul-sucking serial killers has it’s perks. I mean it’s not like anyone in her household is going to frown upon a little bullying, or homicidal thoughts, the money’s good, and you don’t need to look any further than your psychopathic first cousin for a future fiance. Yes, that’s life in a nutshell for Eden Winslow.

Your normal everyday outcast, Eden avoids human contact whenever possible trying to keep her inner monster at bay. But sometimes her frustrations get the best of her and her overwhelming need to help the less fortunate. The Winslows are soul eaters. Most of the Blessed, as they call themselves, only take a part of the soul, others like Eden’s father and cousin take and torture all of a soul leaving only the husk of a battered body behind. Eden’s only salvation is her big bro Stellan.

That is until she meets Noah. They become fast friends, but Eden’s desire for her bestie runs deeper than a potential romance, he has awakened her hunger. And Eden’s determined not to give into her inner soul sucker. Her internal struggle is painful, wanting to eat souls yet not wanting to hurt people. And Eden doesn’t think she can take that final step in her transition to full blown Blessed, taking a whole soul, killing a human.

But Noah’s not your run of the mill human that Eden thinks, he’s on assignment and determined to save Eden’s soul.

Normally when I pick up an indie I expect it to be ruff around the sentences. But Samantha Young’s Blood Will Tell was a nicely written story. The mythology of Blessed, Neith, and Ankh was a great escape from the more populated greek interpretations occupying shelves today. It’s a nice YA that has dashes of familiar Adult PNR trends. Warriors of Ankh reminds me of a young adult version of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and other novels like it because of the structure of Noah and Eden’s relationship, and the interesting storyline behind it, but without the extremely mature content.

The blood may tell, but the writing speaks for itself. This is a great read.

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4 stars -loved it!

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