A Nice Quick Romantic Getaway

Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore

Between the sea and sky a friendship was forged. Esmerine and Alandare became an odd couple of sorts, her being a mermaid and him a descendant of the winged people. When Esmerine’s sister Dosina goes missing, Esmerine will stop at nothing to know the truth of her sister’s fate. She will even enlist the help of a long lost friend, one who pushes her emotions and desires past the impossible.

Jaclyn Dolamore constructs a sweet fairytale of overcoming the impossibilities of one’s world. Love truly conquers all between the odd pairing of Esmerine and Alan. Their two worlds couldn’t be more different, yet it’s their differences that compliment one another so well. Each providing what the other is missing.

While all this is terribly romantic, it was also extremely short. I would liked to have had the author spend more time developing the love story and drawing the reader into the romance, since it’s really what this story is about. A love that transcends everything should be explored to beyond it’s fullest extent. I also thought the romantic thread was resolved much too quickly, it was a tidy rushed resolution. I think Dolamore could have added a bit more angst, there was a quiet resistance in Alan but I would have liked a little louder section were the reader could really feel the loss of a love that could never be so we can appreciate what they accomplish in the end.

With it’s sweet love story and undertones of overcoming obstacles, Between the Sea and Sky is a nice quick romantic getaway that will have you believing that love will always find a way.

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3 stars – liked it!

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