Thrilling from the First Page to the Last

Trance by Kelly Meding

It started with an anomaly. A new race of human beyond the known scientific norm came into being. It ended with a war. But before the final blow could be cast and erase any chance for humanity’s heroes to overcome the metahuman’s bane, their powers were ripped away.

Fifteen years after that fateful day when she was stripped of her superhuman abilities, simultaneously saving and destroying her life, Teresa “Trance” West re-powered. Strangely, Trance didn’t receive her original mental talent of hypnosis, she acquired a more potent power. The energy enhancing and manipulating skill was certainly new but a definite upgrade. Shocked and confused Teresa does the logical thing and starts her journey back to her last real home, Ranger HQ.

The Ranger Corps were a government sanctioned organization of metahumans, or superly inclined individuals, dedicated to the protection and rescue of non-metas. But West’s reinstated gifts signal the end to all other neutralized metas including the Ranger’s enemies the Banes. And it looks like the head of their rival faction wants to finish what he started fifteen years ago.

When your arch-nemesis has the ability to be anyone, who can you trust?

Trance was fast-paced and thrilling from the first page to the last. Meding artfully constructs a storyline that will keep you guessing until the end. The hard-to-determine identity of Trance’s villain is a real treat for readers who can normally spot the plot from mile away. Medling’s characters and world building were wonderful. The concept of superheroes isn’t an overdone sect within the urban fantasy genre and lends well to near endless possibilities. Trance’s nonstop action and intrigue locked me in and will no doubt do the same for most readers.

I have no negatives. I throughly enjoyed this book, it was interesting and fresh, written well, and truly stayed one step ahead of the reader’s plot picking mind to deliver a stunningly surprising end. Trance is one of those books that reinforces the reasons why I read. Pick this one up for the thrill or the joy that only comes from between well written pages.

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5 stars -loved it!

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