Unleashed my Unsatisfaction

Unleashed by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

New Town. New school. New species? It really bites being the new girl.

Katelyn McBride is a California girl with big city dreams exiled to horribly tiny town of Wolf Springs, remotely nestled within the Ozarks of Arkanasas. Sixteen and newly orphaned Katelyn finds her emotional upheaval compounded by relocating to her grandfather’s home. Culture shock aside, it seems country living has it’s quirks. Being out after dark is a particularly annoying one for Kat but with two girls dead, disobeying the rules could cost her life.

Katelyn McBride may be the new girl but someone has got their eye on her. She’s going to have to fight for every scrap of information to find out what’s going on and learn the truth of the mysteries of Wolf Springs.

Unleashed has everything going for it. The characters were great. Trip and Justin were interesting love interests. All of the relationships were complex and moody. As the reader you never quite knew who to trust. The overall story was compelling. This book was excellent in every way up to the end.

I loved Unleashed, until the last page. There were a lot of intriguing storylines that I was just waiting for to converge. But they didn’t, at least not in this installment. Plus the threads that were addressed are no where near resolved. And I found the abrupt ending a bit jarring. The book just ended, it cut off like a two-part episode of a sitcom. I feel like there should have been a “To be continued….” tag at the end.

While the book unleashed my unsatisfaction, and I would have liked some closure to a few of the plot points. I also figure there are worse negatives to the many books I’ve read than wishing there were pages to read than the book contained. I rounded my up for the stars but give it a 3.75 rating. Unleashed was a really good read but I hate when a book doesn’t have a clear resolution, and I’m hoping all the threads created are addressed in the future. I recommend Unleashed but if not getting any answers will drive you nuts wait until the next installment.

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4 stars -loved it!


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