Not Like Every Other Book

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jack Bauer’s days may be up but the consequences of the next 24 hours in Kali D’Angelo’s life will ripple and infect every aspect of her existence. Or at least it will, if she survives.

Kali’s just like any antisocial, typical teenager. Most days. Every other day she’s something more. Compelled to hunt for all things evil that go bump in the night. She’s fast, she’s strong, quick to heal and hard to kill. Too bad this side of Kali only occurs every other day. But her part time past time becomes more of a health hazard on her off days, when she’s just as human, just as vulnerable as the rest of us. Every other day the hunter becomes the prey. It’s on one of those seemingly ordinary days that Kali decides to do something extraordinary. The choices she makes today could not only open up her social circle of one for some new members but also save a girl’s life. Or it could kill her. Unless she can somehow make it until tomorrow.

While Trial by Wolves showed a definite maturity and confidence in her writing, I found the overall tone quite serious. Though it fit well with the concept of the book it was a definite departure from Barnes’ earlier work with Golden, The Squad, and Tattoo, which came across more fun and light hearted. Every Other Day combines that growth and maturity with a little fun on the edge.

Every Other Day is filled with interesting ideas and characters. While Kali’s polarizing and complicated nature is intriguing Barnes’ secondary characters are a captivating menagerie of scene stealing personalities. The contrast between Kali and her cohorts helps to balance and add depth to the harsher, more dark side of the book and Kali’s persona. One of JLB’s strengths has always been how she writes friendships and female relationships. Fans of Tattoo and The Squad, will once again be treated to an eclectic mix of personalities and unlikely friends who find a camaraderie. Complex teenage/parent relationships just adds another layer of dimension to the already ambitious storylines.

I adored this book because it was all that is awesome of JLB. She successfully merges everything that was wonderful in her previous books. Jennifer Lynn Barnes is really pushing herself, with a highly evolved concept and a seamless blend of the scientific, supernatural and mythological set to a ticking time bomb of a clock, Every Other Day is a stunning new series. Barnes’ personal passions of science and fiction are displayed within each and every page, making Every Other Day like her own chocolate factory. And everyone should be in line for a golden ticket.

Pre-order this book on Amazon here.

5 stars -loved it!

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