I received some Hope in a Jar as a part of a holiday gift set and thought it was perfect timing since I was running out of my usual moisturizer. It’s listed as being for all skin types, I have dry skin and like my products rich and quenching. Normally I go straight for the dry prone products. I have been using Jar-O-Hope for a few weeks now. It was surprisingly fluffy. The cream has a whipped quality which gives it a light feathery feel when it’s applied. It also has a slight iridescent sheen to the cream, barely noticeable against the winter white base but it gives your skin a nice fresh glow.

When I first started using Hope in a Jar it really didn’t help my parched skin especially in the seasonably colder climate. This would be better suited for someone like me with problematic dry skin to use in the summer. I stuck with it, and after a few applications and a hydrating booster from another brand my skin finally adjusted to it. Still I kind of lather it on which becomes a problem since it has an astringent scent to it that’s quite strong and irritates my eyes.

Overall this product gives skin a fresh matte look. It is light, airy, and probably best for normal skin types. I don’t think it provides enough moisture by it’s self for dryer skin suffers, and the strong scent is sure to irritate those with sensitive skin, eyes, and conditions like asthma and allergies.

Vote yay or nay for this review on Amazon here.

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