A Well-Round Tour de Force of Fiction

Shades of Blood by Samantha Young

Threads come to a head in the thrilling conclusion to the Warriors of Ankh series.

Cosmina’s closing in, Eden’s family is missing, and the underground leader of the Neith is instigating a possible war between the Ankh and their mortal counterparts. Which means Eden’s calendar is way past full. Adding in the betrayal of her closest confidants to the workload and Paradise is spitting a rainbow of colorful curses and snarky remarks. Yet this turmoil couldn’t come at worse time.

Yes, just because your soul has been redeemed doesn’t mean you’ve been saved. At least that’s the case for Eden MacDouglas. Apparently making the transition to Ankh from Soul Eater is only half the battle. Removing the demon from her soul doesn’t extract the demons in heart and Darius is determined to test her in the worst way possible. Eden’s relationships will be pushed to the brink, her future with Noah questionable, and the new life she’s built forfeit if she fails.

Shades of Blood is chock-full of gory action sequences and emotional upheaval. Young picked her closing statements of this series to be a brutal battle both within as well as external creating a well-round tour de force of fiction. Fans will find much of what they love about this series, the world, it’s humor and characters, bumped up to the next level. The only complaint about the finale, is that it’s the last one.

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5 stars -loved it!

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