What a Spanish Soap Opera would be like if Jane Austen were Writing the Screenplay

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare read by Ed Westwick and Heather Lind

Victorian Era London was never so chastely sinful until Cassandra Clare penned her Prince. London is burning with betrayal, passion, intrigue, secrets, and lies, all layout in an action packed carefully laid plot to unhinge our beloved shadowhunters with these Infernal Devices.

Benedict Lightwood is a good ole boy dressed up in english finery. He’s making things difficult for Charlotte, contesting her position as head of the institute and instigating an ultimatum, find Mortmain in a fortnight or resign to someone better suited for the job, namely himself.

Will’s carefully constructed walls are crumbling. Years of playing the cad and inciting loathing like armor had one kink, while keeping others from loving him, it couldn’t stop Will from falling in love. He’s on mission to find a cure for his curse and get the girl. Unsurprisingly Jem has a similar idea as he sets his sights on Tessa.

But the impending love triangle forming is the last thing on Tessa’s mind, as she finds out just how deep Mortmain’s conspiracy and planning really goes. He has spies everywhere and always seems to be five moves ahead of them, ready to sack the king and declare checkmate. Making it hard to know if any thwarting of his devious endeavors are really a solution to the problem at hand or just a part of Mortmain’s master plan.

No sophomore jinx here. Clockwork Prince was by far more superior to it’s predecessor. And that is quite a feat. Clare combines all the wondrous romance of the period and infuses it with a whole new life within her supernatural shadowhunter world. Clockwork Prince is what I would imagine a spanish soap opera would be like if Jane Austen were writing the screenplay. My favorite parts were the bits with Sophie. Yet if there was just one reason I could give to sway potential readers it would be to read Will’s declaration of love.

What’s even better than reading Clockwork Prince? Well, listening to it being narrated by Ed Westwick and Heather Lind of course. Westwick did another outstanding job voicing the male chapters. I like his voice, it’s a little deep, a little raspy, but not too much and not too old sounding. Though I find it funny that his natural english accent isn’t very heavy. Heather Lind as well sounds about the right age and well read as I imagine Tessa sounding. I really enjoyed her throwing herself into the different characters using a variety of accents american for Tessa, cockney for Sophie, and a traditional english accent for the more well born characters. This is a very high quality audiobook, don’t miss out on it.

All in all Clockwork Prince is proving prequels can be better than their predecessors. With all it’s twists and turns, romance, and intrigue Clockwork Prince is an amazing read.

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5 stars -loved it!

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