Darkly Poignant

On a Dark Wing by Jordan Dane

From looking at the cover, I thought On a Dark Wing was the next typical fallen angel YA series. Instead I found the book to be a darkly poignant, yet unexpected exploration of loss, longing, and letting go.

Abbey Chandler is a teen on the fringes of popular adolescent society. Nominally notice and best known for her close friendship to Tanner her handicapped sidekick, any other social interaction from her peers comes in the form of ridicule. But that seems fine with Abbey. Ever since she survived the car accident that caused her mother’s death, Abbey has been subtly avoiding life. With the great divide ever expanding between her and her father, keeping others at arms length and living more in her head than reality, Abbey’s almost fatal experience has left her more of a ghost than dying would have.

Her timely exile to the family cabin leads to a surprise meeting with the guy of her dreams, or so she thinks. Her encounters will force Abbey to deal with her perpetual grief. But the strange visits come at a price, which Abbey can’t live with, and it’s going to be quite an uphill battle for her to set things right.

All though On a Dark Wing wasn’t what I was expecting and the tone of the book much darker and thought provoking than what I was in the mood for, I found myself caught up in it. I think everyone feels like an outcast in some way regardless of social standing, and Abbey embodies that perfectly. She gets so caught up in all the falsities, that she can’t see what she has right in front of her. I also thought the comparison between Abbey, who was barely existing in her half life and the other lead Nate, who was in contrast full of life and out there, was wonderful. And Though the book didn’t end how I wanted it to, things rarely do in life, which was somehow more fitting.

With serious content set in the unusual framework of the paranormal, On a Dark Wing had a nice symmetry. It was a dark brooding tale of how things fall apart, and yet come back together in the end in unexpected ways.

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4 stars -loved it! 

One comment

  1. Wow! The cover looks very cool, like it’s floating. GREAT review. Loved your insights into my book, especially your take on Abbey. Thanks so much for featuring my book & happy holidays!

    Jordan Dane

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