Join the Skincare Cult

Dermalogica products give you that thousand dollar an ounce quality for a fraction of the price.

This is by far my favorite skincare line. It’s a staple in my beauty regime and the standard I measure all other products by. Anyone who inquires about what I use on my skin automatically receives an earful of my crush on Dermalogica products. So far everyone I’ve referred the line too quickly becomes an immediate convert to the derma magic they experience. If you want that just facialed-high-society-girl-fresh-face-dewey-skin look at home give Dermalogica a try.

After an afternoon of pampering, which included a hydrating facial with Dermalogica products, I bought one of the dry skin travel kits. I love these kits because they allow perspective Dermalogica skincare cultist (like me) to try out a variety of products in the line without spending a fortune.

The kits run $35.00 and are suppose to last four weeks but I’ve had one last anywhere between six to eight weeks. There are also other money saving kits priced higher, for skincare needs beyond the basic categories of Dry/Normal/Oily, addressing issues like Acne, Aging, and Sensitive Skin.

I love kits like these because they let you tryout a product without the financial commitment of purchasing the full blown line. They also save me when I’m broke and need a little something to get by. I know the regular size products can get pricey, but I find that the products last me between three to six months so the costs even out. Once your hooked it’s hard not to believe the products are worth every penny.

Check out all the Dermalogica Skin Kits here.

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